The Republic of Srpska is among the best locations for business investment in Europe

The regular annual analysis for assessing the attractiveness of European cities and regions for investment for 2023, conducted by “Financial Times” and published in “fDi Intelligence” magazine, once again recognized the Republic of Srpska as one of the most favourable destinations for business investment in Europe. Srpska received this admiring title thanks to the overall strategy for investment promotion.

Cities and regions are ranked by size according to several criteria: economic potential, human resources and lifestyle, cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and business friendliness.

In the category “Micro-European cities – cost-effectiveness of business” the City of Laktaši is in the first place. That the title of the best is fully justified is also proven by the recent concrete investments of corporations such as “Mahle company” in the automotive industry of electro-mechanical components and the announced investment of the company “Iskra” from Slovenia, also in the field of industrial electronics production.

Also, the City of Trebinje was ranked in the high eighth position in the category “Micro-European cities for the future – strategy for the promotion of investment.”

This confirms that the Republic of Srpska has an adequate incentive policy to attract investments in industry and other sectors through tax incentives, the number of contributions, the price of electricity for large and medium-sized industrial consumers, favourable labour costs, and the supply of adequate labour force. It is expected that this trend will continue, primarily due to the proximity to the EU, that is, the price and speed of transport, but also the development of reliable supply chains, which most European companies need from the processing industry sector.