The Government of Vojvodina will participate in the construction of one of the industrial zones in Podrinje

The provincial government will participate in the construction of one of the industrial zones in Podrinje, which will be built on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić according to the national plan, and which will have multiple significance for both Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, announced the President of the Provincial Government Igor Mirović on Saturday, September 18, before the round table on improving economic relations between AP Vojvodina and the Republic of Srpska.

– We must create conditions and economic capacities for the survival of people in each place in order to reduce migrations of the population towards large centers – stated Mirović.

He assessed that, businessmen have shown exceptional vitality considering the difficult last year, and that this year, according to the first indicators, has shown the strength of the Serbian economy.

Mirović pointed out that work on all elements of cooperation between the Republic of Srpska and AP Vojvodina will be continued as part of the overall efforts of Serbia and Srpska to, as he said, connect more closely in all areas.

– Our cooperation is on an upward trajectory and we will continue to create the conditions in order to continue this trend. We would like to thank Serbia for being the largest foreign trade partner and investor in Srpska. By building industrial zones in the border area, we want to create a business environment for the benefit of our people on both sides of the Drina – said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković.