Trebinje: The construction of a free zone is planned

This fall, the city of Trebinje will work on completing the necessary documentation and approvals from the competent institutions in order to fulfill all the conditions provided by law for obtaining the approval for the formation of the Free Zone as soon as possible, they say for eKapija from the City of Trebinje.

– Based on the conceptual projects for infrastructure, we have estimates of the amount of investment for infrastructural equipment of the free zone. However, we will have precise data on the amount of investment for the infrastructural arrangement of the free zone after the completion of the main projects – they say.

The Trebinje Free Zone is planned by the spatial planning act “Zoning Plan Novo Trebinje” at a location located next to the western bypass. The planned area of ​​the zone is 14.50 hectares. There are no private plots in this area, which enables the City to very easily and quickly carry out the procedures for renting a construction plot with potential investors.

– The city has an obligation to provide infrastructure to the space planned for the free zone. This means upgrading part of the water supply network and part of the road, the sewerage network to the Free Zone. Also, it is necessary to infrastructurally arrange the space of the Free Zone – to build a fence, public lighting, roads, water supply and sewerage networks.

The number of construction plots on which the facilities will be built is not precisely determined. The zoning plan allows the size of the plot to be adjusted to the needs of the potential investor, but the plot cannot be smaller than 800 m2.

– We have estimated that up to 20 business entities can be accommodated in the free zone. It is important to point out that there is also the possibility of expanding the zone, in accordance with the needs. Preference will be given to labor-intensive companies, investments where there are positive effects of technology transfer and investments that can support strategic directions of development (agriculture, tourism, renewable energy sources). Industrial plants of all kinds are allowed, provided that they are not pollutants.

It is envisaged that companies of different profiles will operate in the free zone. The advantage is the possibility of connecting with other companies or joint ventures with partners or suppliers in the same location.

What benefits can investors expect?
– long-term lease of land at a stimulating price
– one stop shop-office for legal, bookkeeping, advisory assistance to investors
– non-payment of customs duties and VAT on imported raw materials and parts used in production
– the possibility of deferred payment of customs duties and VAT on imported goods used as raw materials, spare parts or other input material that is eventually sold in BiH
– fast customs processing
– 99% reduction for the payment of rent
– 25% reduction for compensation for the costs of arranging construction land
– reservation of land for a period of one year, free of charge, with the obligation to enter into a pre-agreement on the lease of the land in question
– the possibility of adjusting the size of the construction plot to the needs of investors.