Stanari: The first investor in the business zone in Dragalovci

Yesterday, the mayor of Stanari, Dušan Panić, signed an agreement with the investor “Maksimović komerc” d.o.o. from Doboj on a five-year lease of the production hall in the Business Zone in Dragalovci. The company will produce aluminum and PVC profiles for windows and doors, and will also operate an automated plant for painting and plasticizing metal and non-metal surfaces. The investor plans to employ 15 workers.

Deputy Director of “Maksimović komerc” d.o.o. Maja Mišić said that the machines are expected to be installed by the end of the year, so the plant will start working at the beginning of next year. The product is intended for domestic and foreign markets. She emphasized that the tenants were chosen because of the favorable conditions and the proximity of the city of Doboj, where the main branch office is located.

The mayor of Stanari emphasized that this is one of the three production halls with a total area of about 5,000 m2, which the municipality built with its own funds, and that it is an investment worth about 2,500,000.00 KM. The production halls are offered to investors, based on the system “Turn-key project”.

Source: Municipality of Stanari