Stanari: Construction of local roads and infrastructure in the business zone

The municipality of Stanari has initiated the process of procuring a loan from which it will finance the construction of local roads and infrastructure in the business zone.

The construction and reconstruction of the local traffic infrastructure should cost 150,000 BAM and the construction of the infrastructure on the location of the Business Zone Termoelektrana 600,000 BAM.

The plan is to finance the construction of a regional road in the amount of 600,000 BAM, as well as the construction of a water supply system – preparatory work in the amount of 50,000 BAM.

The municipality of Stanari is the youngest municipality in Srpska, created by separating from the city of Doboj, and what we can be proud of is that the highest average salary in RS is realized in the municipality of Stanari, primarily due to the operations of the Mine and Thermal Power Plant Stanari.