Sokolac: Possible investment in the construction of a solar park

Mayor of Sokolac Milovan Bjelica signed a Memorandum of Understanding on co-operation in the field of municipal development on Tuesday, March 10 with Rimas Alikukonis, director of Investment Group Balkan Corporation.
It is an opportunity to invest in the construction of a solar park in the Sokolac area. The location for the construction of a 60-megawatt solar power plant, for which the investor is interested, is in the area of Breakovići.
According to Bjelica, this memorandum implies more cooperation modalities, with priority being the generation of electricity from renewable sources.
– We have consulted with the competent ministry in the Government of the Republic of Srpska, as well as with the representative of the Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ISO BiH), who has been managing the electricity transmission system since 2005, who previously conducted a feasibility study as part of The potential for the construction of two solar power plants, one of 60 megawatts and the other of 80, has been identified in the Sokolac area.
Investment Group Balkan is interested in investing in this area, ie. for the construction of a solar park on 100 hectares of land – said Bjelica.
He added that the next steps are envisaged by the Memorandum of Understanding, which is signed, location identification, site visit, and it is up to the investor to contact the competent ministry that he is interested in investing in the construction of a solar power plant in these areas.
– Documentation and approvals need to be prepared, and it is up to the competent ministry to determine the seriousness of the investor and to issue a public call for the award of land concessions and the acceptance of investors for inclusion in the power system of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a large capital investment whose value in the most favorable circumstances would amount to one million convertible marks per megawatt, so the project would be worth around 60 million EUR – said Bjelica.