Šekovići: Construction of an industrial zone planned

The municipality of Šekovici plans to build a new industrial zone in the village of Tišča, which, with the improvement of infrastructure, should stimulate economic growth.
According to RTRS, although Šekovic’s budget of KM 4,650,000 is 30% higher than last year, this is still a highly undeveloped municipality. They plan to encourage new industrial zones, with incentives for investors, to develop the economy and new employment. They already have interested investors from Hungary.
– A locality has been determined that satisfies the infrastructure in the local community of Tišča. We are awaiting a response from the Government of the Republic of Srpska as this field is being taken to the forests of the Republic of Srpska. It used to be a huge nursery, now it is overgrown, no one uses it for anything – said the Mayor of Šekovici, Momir Ristić.
The municipal administration also believes that it will soon launch two larger companies – a marble factory and a paint and varnish factory, which have been abandoned for years after poor privatization and lengthy litigation. Recently, the downtown bankruptcy of a department store ended with the sale of the property to a local retail chain.

Source: ba.ekapija.com