Regional market for CNG from Zvornik – “Prvo gasno društvo” offers the most affordable energy source

The company “Prvo gasno društvo” in Zvornik is the largest producer of compressed natural gas (CNG) in the Republic of Srpska. From the station for the production of compressed natural gas, which is located in the factory area of the company Alumina, this fuel has been distributed to large industrial plants in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the surrounding area for the fourth year.

– “Prvo gasno društvo” is a company that started operating in 2018, and emerged from a business idea as a joint economic venture of Alumina and BEDEM Energy Solutions from Pancevo. The mission of the company is to offer natural compressed gas to the market of BiH and its surroundings, not only from Trebinje to Banja Luka, as the most environmentally friendly and the most affordable energy source – said Dušan Kozić, director of the company.

In the company “Prvo gasno društvo” it was said that currently the monthly sales amount to about one and a half million cubic meters of compressed gas with a tendency of further growth, with the constant expansion of the customer network.

Mr. Kozic says that the BiH market is hungry for energy sources, which is both the cleanest and the cheapest, and that only Zvornik and Sarajevo have access to the gas network in BiH.

– The rest of the BiH market does not have access to accept gas from the network, and that is exactly the basic mission of the company “Prvo gasno društvo”, to deliver this cheap and environmentally friendly fuel to customers who want it. This is the entire BiH market as well as the environment. Montenegro is leaning on BiH, it does not have a gas network, we are geographically close to the cities of western Serbia, so we also supply Valjevo, too. We can also offer this cheap fuel to all other customers who gravitate towards BiH – says Kozić.

The company Alumina has invested more than 1.5 million KM in the project of building a station for the production of compressed natural gas in Zvornik, provided from current operations, and the need for this fuel was imposed eight years ago.

Igor Tadić, Assistant Commercial Director in Alumina says that by opening bankruptcy in the parent company in the Alumina Factory Birač AD Zvornik and terminating cooperation with a long-term business partner in the field of gas supply, Alumina was forced to practically independently, and later, in cooperation with a company formed by the RS Government, enters the market and procures gas.

– By entering the market, we realized how specific the gas trade is and how undesirable any fluctuations in relation to the agreed conditions are. Thus, the idea was born for the diversification of the gas market, ie the expansion of the offer, in the sense of supplying gas to consumers, in order to have production effects in the factory as correctly as possible and with as few side effects as possible – said Tadić.

According to that idea, an agreement on business and technical cooperation was concluded with the company Prvo gasno društvo from Zvornik. The company Alumina invested its land and provided the construction of the accompanying facility and infrastructure, while the “Prvo gasno društvo” provided the technology, equipment and knowledge, which they had until then in the trade of compressed gas.

The construction of a station for the production of compressed natural gas in the Alumina factory area justified the expectations, both in the company “Prvo gasno društvo” and in the largest Zvornik collective.

– From some quality business talks, joint economic venture emerged, which should present how a powerful export-oriented company gives a slight incentive to small companies – which are maturing. After only four years, we are an important partner to most entities in the Republic of Srpska, and Alumina is a reliable partner for some reserves and delays that can occur everywhere – says Kozić.

Mr. Tadic points out that today, after four years of work and cooperation with the company “Prvo gasno društvo”, he can say that they are satisfied, that the mission has been fulfilled.

– The company “Prvo gasno društvo” has fully met its projected mission and we are already supplying plants such as “Toš čelik Željezara” in Nikšić, we supply the Aluminum Combine in Mostar, which consumes 30,000 cubic meters of gas per day, so we are a reliable and safe partner, especially because we have nice projections for stable expansion. We are currently working with 30 people, 10 trucks and about 20 mobile warehouses – said Kozić.