Prnjavor is selling two plots in the business zone of Vijaka below the market price

The municipality of Prnjavor is selling two construction plots in the business and tourist zone of Vijak through public bidding and the advertisement states that the price is below the market price.

The properties have a total area of ​​17,731 m2, of which the first plot occupies 8,836 m2, and the second 8,895 m2.

The initial price of the land is 12 BAM/m2, which is the determined market value, and the most favourable offered price will be reduced by the amount of 3.5 BAM/m2 if the investor within three years hires at least 15 new workers for an indefinite period.

If the investor employs at least 40 workers at the time of applying, the price of the land shall also be reduced by the amount of 3.5 BAM/m2, and it will be reduced by the same amount if the value of the investment in the building is at least 700,000 BAM.

In the case of the application of one bidder, the sale of the land can be carried out by direct agreement, the advertisement states.

The auction is scheduled for March 28. All the details can be found HERE.

We remind you that at the end of 2022, it was announced that the construction of a 16-meter-wide road is underway, which means that businessmen in the Business Zone of Vijaka will have easier and faster access to the January 9 highway.

The mayor of the municipality, Darko Tomaš, announced that more than 95 per cent of the agreement has been reached with the new investor, whose plan is to invest more than 50 million euros.

– To connect that road with the highway, it is necessary to build a roundabout, which costs 2.6 million BAM. I expect the support and help of the republican authorities on this issue – emphasized Tomaš.