Prnjavor: Construction of infrastructure in the business zone “Vijaka” continues

The Municipality of Prnjavor will start the construction of the roundabout at the entrance to the business zone “Vijaka” during 2021, while other infrastructure facilities will be built according to the interest and needs of investors, the Department of Urbanism of the Municipality of Prnjavor told “eKapija” portal.

So far, water supply and electricity have been done, and next year the construction of a road within the zone is planned, as well as a sewerage network.

– About 20% of the area has been sold so far. The price of the land is 12 BAM / m2, but the price of the land is adjusted according to the parameters determined by the rulebook – the amount of investment, the number of workers, the type of work. Also, the price of the construction permit is lower due to the fact that the land is listed in the sixth zone of the city construction land – they explained from the Department of Urbanism.

The business zone “Vijaka” is located on the outskirts of Prnjavor, between the highway “January 9”, the main road Klašnice – Derventa and the regional road Srbac – Čelinac. In the immediate vicinity of the business zone is the exit from the highway, ie the Prnjavor loop, so the zone is well connected to all important traffic routes that pass through the municipality of Prnjavor.

The area of ​​the zone is 117.5 ha, and the areas of the planned construction plots are defined according to the needs of investors and spatial possibilities, ie the border of the planned plots is defined only towards the road. A road within the zone with accompanying infrastructural contents (electricity, water supply, sewerage) was designed, while water supply and electricity were brought to the zone itself.

Currently, several business facilities have been built in the zone, along the main road Klašnice – Derventa, while greater expansion of the construction of business facilities is expected with the construction of a road within the business zone itself, the Municipality of Prnjavor announced for eKapija.