Prijedor: The City starts arranging infrastructure in the industrial zone “Aerodrom”

The City Administration in Prijedor announced the beginning of the construction of infrastructure in the new industrial zone that will be located next to the Airport.

They plan to invest 1.4 million BAM to arrange infrastructure for the first investor from Italy with whom a contract has already been signed. This investor should employ about 300 workers who will produce the wagons.

Acting Head of the Department of Economy and Entrepreneurship, Rade Rosić, points out that the City Administration has recognized the importance of industrial zones and is planning more.

– Given that the construction of the new Prijedor-Banja Luka highway has begun, we plan to build a larger industrial zone on the land that should be owned by the Republic of Srpska, at the very beginning or at the end of the highway loop, and we are considering the possibility. The feasibility study will maybe show that we should start a free zone that has a set of its facilities, among which are the customs terminal and non-payment of VAT – said Rosić.

In the Celpak industrial zone, the only one that Prijedor currently has, six investors have production facilities, employing about 300 workers. There are three domestic and the same number of investors with foreign capital.

In the Agency for Economic Development of the City of Prijedor, PRED-PD state that through their Info Center for Investors they are at the service of everyone who is interested in industrial zones. The coordinator of this Info Center, Bojan Jojić, says that they help investors starting from the very idea to the realization of the project.

He adds that the biggest problem of investors is the lack of manpower and that this problem must be solved.

The city administration provides infrastructure, ie water, electricity and roads for investors in industrial zones. After the investors fulfill the conditions from the contract related to the construction of the production plant and the number of workers they will employ, they become the owners of the land in the industrial zone. This land costs from one to 12 BAM, depending on the amount of investment and the activities of the investor.