Prijedor: The city plans to build two new industrial zones

Improving the conditions for attracting investors, as well as new jobs, are the goals of the city authorities of Prijedor.

The city of Prijedor offers benefits with the goal of development, and the Government of Republic of Srpska provided 840,000 BAM for the completion of the infrastructure in the industrial zone “Celpak”.

The city plans to build two more new industrial zones, and new investors are on the horizon.

The production of plastic bags for industry is the activity of the company “Roundliner”. Export-oriented to the European market, this German investor has been operating successfully in Prijedor for a year. He decided to increase the capacity and new investments of one million. At the current 80 employees, it will employ an additional 40 workers this year.

Arranging the infrastructure in the area of ​​the “Celpak” industrial zone will solve burning problems and make work easier for businessmen.

– The arrangement of the zone will mean a lot to us, considering that we plan to expand the capacity. Prijedor as a city was suitable for investors, especially for foreign investors, and it met my investors who bought the land more cheaply and built a hall and where another hall is being built at the moment – says Osman Džamstagić, director of the company “Roundliner” from Prijedor, reports the portal