Nova Topola: A German investor starts a factory – It will produce electric trains for collectors

An investor from Germany will open a company in the industrial zone in Nova Topola near Gradiška at the beginning of next year, where he will initially employ 40 workers, said the Consul General of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Munich, Vera Sajić.

– I am proud that with my personal commitment and effort, I brought an investor from Germany who will soon employ 40 workers in the industrial zone in Nova Topola, and then, as they told me, they intend to employ five more workers every week until the end of 2023. Which means about 250 workers – said Sajić.

She pointed out that the company’s registration has been completed, that the office space has been leased, and that machines will arrive from Germany in January.

Sajić stated that the investor here would deal with the production of electric locomotives, wagons and trains for collectors, as well as additional equipment – tracks, bridges and tunnels and other decorations.

– These are products for collectors, remote-controlled electric trains and accompanying equipment that are bought by collectors and cost more than a thousand euros – said Sajić.

She added that she started negotiations with the investor in September and that she provided them with all the information about taxes, energy products and organized meetings with the mayors of Laktaši and Gradiška, Miroslav Bojić and Zoran Adžić, and the director of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska, Pero Ćorić.

– The investor was thinking of investing in Bulgaria, but I managed to present all our advantages and potentials and the investor is now with us. By the way, when I left for Munich, I wanted to bring at least one investor, and I succeeded. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic took more than half of my mandate, because Germany, let’s remember, was under a severe lockdown – said Sajić.

She added that the investor in the German province of Hessen owns two factories that deal with electronics, and that they previously also had factories in China.

– If they are satisfied, they told me, they would direct all their investments to us. The good side of this investment is that they will be looking for subcontractors from the domestic field, so the overall benefit from this investment will be significantly greater – Sajić pointed out.