Norwegian investors interested in investing in the Republic of Srpska

Investors from Norway are very interested in investing in the Republic of Srpska, which is a confirmation that it is worth investing in Srpska and that the possibilities are numerous.

This was confirmed by the Acting Director of the Investment and Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska Drazen Vrhovac after yesterday’s meeting with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to B&H Olav Reinertsen in Banja Luka.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to B&H, Olav Reinertsen, said that there are several investment groups from Norway that are looking for investment opportunities in the Republic of Srpska and Federation of B&H, mainly in the field of solar and wind energy.

He reminded that a year ago he established a bilateral business association between B&H and Norway, whose main purpose is to convey to Norwegian investors the potentials of B&H.

– I am convinced that there is a lot of potential in green energy. That led to today’s meeting where we discussed specific financial opportunities for investors – said the Norwegian ambassador.

Reinertsen pointed out that large Norwegian investors, with investments of EUR 300-400 million, are looking for an environment that is predictable and safe.

– That is why we are talking to corporations, business associations, as well as politicians in the Republic of Srpska. As soon as the current political crisis in BiH is over, Norwegian investors are ready to invest – said Reinertsen, it was announced on the website of the RS RBI.