Nevesinje: Wind farm electricity in 2022

The first kilowatts of electricity from the Grebak Wind Farm in Nevesinje should start in 2022, and the investor of this multi-million dollar project points out that the land expropriation process should start soon.
A wind farm is planned to be built at the Grebak site, about five kilometers west of Nevesinje, and a construction concession in April this year was awarded to “VE Grebak” from Nevesinje.
The executive director of “VE Grebak”, Miralem Čampara, told Glas Srpske that a study on expropriation, urban-technical conditions and land subdivision had been completed.
– We have submitted all the documentation to the RS Ministry of Energy and Mining and are awaiting further procedures pending the declaration of public interest. As soon as the Government of Srpska adopts these documents and the public interest is declared, we will begin the process of land expropriation. I hope it will be over in the next month or two, ”said Čampara.
He added that while waiting for all the necessary permits to start expropriation, the team of this company is preparing a project.
– The most important thing is to resolve the property and legal relations, and then everything will go according to the planned dynamics – said Čampara.
He reiterated that the construction of access roads and a wind farm would involve local construction companies, which provides many with a job and profit opportunity.
– If we manage to secure a building permit within the next year, the construction of access roads and construction of foundations, the purchase of turbines and other equipment, and the completion of the project would start soon for the team – said Čampara.
The estimated installed capacity of the”VE Grebak” is 49.5 megawatts, while the estimated annual production is 130 gigawatts.
The estimated value of the investment is around 130 million KM.
The concession was awarded for 50 years, and the initiative for the award of the concession was initiated by the company “VE Grebak” from Nevesinje, which has been exploring wind potentials at that location for a decade.
Investors have previously pointed out that the average wind speed at the Grebak site is seven meters per second.

Source: Glas Srpske