Negotiations on the construction of a gypsum board factory in Ugljevik are nearing completion – Investment worth EUR 50 million

Negotiations on the construction of a gypsum board factory in Rudnik and the Ugljevik thermal power plant (RiTE) are coming to an end, and the investor is the leading Chinese company in this industry, BNBM from Beijing, it was published on the company’s website.

The director of this energy giant of the Republic of Srpska, Cedomir Stojanovic, says that the drafts have already been prepared and sent to the Government of Srpska, which is the majority owner of the company, and the consent of the shareholders is necessary for the realization of this project.

The new factory would be among the largest in Europe in terms of capacity, and its value is EUR 50 million.

The Chinese company appeared in 2019 as a serious business partner for gypsum processing, as a by-product of the recently built Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant in RiTE Ugljevik.

The factory is planned to be built on a mine dump on an area of ​​125,000 square meters. It will employ about a hundred workers, and logistics and technical services will be provided by local companies.

– This factory, which should start working in a year at the latest, would be of great importance, not only for Ugljevik but also for the entire region, including the Republic of Srpska – said Stojanović.

The share of RiTE “Ugljevik” in this factory would be 10%, and the percentage of the share will be realized through the delivery of gypsum and coal necessary for the technological process.