Laktaši: “Iskra” announces the opening of a new factory and the creation of jobs for 500 people

The Slovenian production group Iskra continues its strong investment cycle in 2023. In addition to the existing plant in Laktaši, the construction of a new factory and the employment of 500 new workers were announced. The value of the investment is around EUR 15 million.

The planned expansion is a clear indicator that the focus of the Slovenian investor is moving to BiH with the aim of optimization in conditions of lower operating costs.

There, the business will be affected by factors such as the lower price of electricity (80 euros per MWH), lower labour costs and labour taxation, a more favourable tax system, including a lower rate of profit taxation compared to Slovenia (10% in the Republic of Srpska, and 19% in Slovenia) which otherwise has the highest labour taxation in the EU.