Kostajnica: A plant for the production of plug-in is opened agricultural machinery

Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska Vojin Mitrović and the director of the Majevica Factory from Bačka Palanka Radenko Komad visited the production hall in Kostajnica – former company Famok where the section should be opened for production of attached agricultural machinery.

The product that would be made here would be domestic, from the Republic of Srpska – Mitrović said.

He added that, above all, work should be done in Kostajnica assembly of connected agricultural devices.

The director of Majevica said that this factory has existed since 1905. and employs 120 workers and has an annual turnover of about seven million euros. Traffic in the territory of Republic of Srpska is about 300,000 euros per year, and the plan is to increase this figure in the next two to three years increased three times.

The mayor of the municipality, Nikola Janjetović, said that he is in Kostajnica employed 1,170 people, while there are about 350 in the office.

– Kostajnica has an exceptional coverage of imports and exports, however the municipal budget does not see any benefit from it, because everything that is exported does not pay VAT, but the workers benefit from it. One such story where the production of being here will is very significant”- concluded Janjetović.

Source: ba.ekapija.com