Japanese businessmen are exploring opportunities for new investments – In East Sarajevo, tourism is a particularly attractive area

The mayor of East Sarajevo, Ljubiša Ćosić, spoke with representatives of 18 Japanese companies from various fields about the possibilities of investing and opening production plants of Japanese companies in the area of ​​East Sarajevo, i.e., the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mayor Ćosić expressed satisfaction with today’s visit of Japanese businessmen, pointing out that Japan is the biggest donor and the country that has helped BiH the most so far, it was announced on the City’s website.

– I think that this area can be very interesting for potential investors, considering the favourable geographical position, but also the price of goods, services, raw materials and labour, which are lower than in Japan – said Ćosić.

Ćosić stated that about 3,000 business entities are operating in the area of ​​East Sarajevo and that the number of entities dealing with various business branches is growing every day. According to Ćosić, tourism is one of the greatest potentials in this area, which offers the most space for direct investments.

– One of the greatest potentials of East Sarajevo is tourism, primarily Jahorina. We have significant natural resources that can provide potential investors with significant profit. We have an educated young staff that can respond to various business tasks, as well as companies that can establish partnership relations with companies from Japan – pointed out Ćosić.

The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan, Siniša Berjan, also attended the meeting. He said that the Japanese delegation will spend the next three days in the Republic of  Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina and that representatives of local companies are very interested in the possibility of investing in these areas.

– It is extremely important that the representatives of Japanese companies, who are staying in BH these days, convey positive impressions and knowledge to the business community of Japan – emphasized Berjan.