Gradiška: The planned establishment of a business zone

Because of its geographical and traffic position and border entry in BiH, Gradiška is the most suitable area for the formation and establishment of a business zone of importance not only for Gradiška but also the Republic of Srpska and the whole of BiH, said to eKapija a Mayor of Gradiška Zoran Adžić.
– In line with the above, Gradiška has decided to amend the Spatial Plan to provide space for establishing a business zone of 200 hectares with the possibility of expanding to another 200 hectares.
Adžić tells us that preparations are underway for the drafting of the Regulatory and/or Zoning Plan as an Implementation Spatial Planning Document, which should, with the construction of the infrastructure, anticipate and provide a regulated construction space to potential investors.
– This activity must be carried out in cooperation and with the full support of the Republic of Srpska, since the area in question must have a republican significance, and therefore it is necessary to provide, together with the Republic of Srpska, the conditions for the area to be equipped and jointly promoted.
He also added that it was also a realistic alternative to create a free zone in this area due to its location along the BiH-EU Border Crossing Point, which is possible with certain approvals of the BiH authorities.