Gradiška: “Neoplanta” is opening a plant in the business zone in Nova Topola

The business zone in Nova Topola near Gradiška, by all accounts, will be the place where the company Neoplanta from Novi Sad will invest.

This information was confirmed at the Republic of Srpska Investment Potentials conference in Belgrade.

The delegation of Gradiška, led by the mayor Zoran Adžić, presented the business zone in Nova Topola to businessmen from Serbia in Belgrade, which was rated as one of the most equipped economic zones in BiH.

– We expect the arrival of businessmen from Serbia by the end of September. Opening the processing capacity of Neoplanta would mean a lot for cattle breeders from Lijevče polje, not only from the area of our local community but also for the surrounding municipalities. There is a large number of cattle, broiler and pig breeders who are crying out for the market, and this plant would secure their placement – Adžić said.

Cattle breeders from Lijevče polje and Potkozarje are facing big problems due to the closure of the Levita Meat Industry.

– We have a large production of beef, and we are dissatisfied with the situation on the market – Smajo Fajković said, a farmer from Dubrava near Nova Topola.

Slaughterhouse facilities are currently lacking in local agriculture, and Neoplanta’s plant would be an ideal solution for farmers in the entire region.