East Sarajevo: The Government of the Republic of Srpska is taking over „Sarajevo-gas“

The Government of the Republic of Srpska is ready to invest about 10 million BAM in the company Sarajevo-gas from East Sarajevo, „Nezavisne Novine“ is reporting.

„Sarajevo-gas“ is currently 40% owned by state funds, and the other shareholders are investment funds, a custodian bank and small shareholders.

This company has a license to transport natural gas on the 40 km pipeline between Zvornik and Kladanj.

Nedeljko Elek, director of this company, confirmed for „Nezavisne“ that the Government of the Republic of Srpska made this decision and pointed out that this is a good move.

– In these moments when everyone is fighting for energy independence, it is important that we also become energy independent from foreign companies. We had about 60 kilometres of gas pipeline that was not owned by the state, but by the „Kristal“ Fund. I must say that the people from this fund were fair and we quickly agreed that they should move out of it and that we would pay them at the nominal price of the shares and that the state would take over the management of „Sarajevo- gas“. As soon as the state takes over management, it also takes over those 60 kilometres of gas pipeline in the east of Srpska, which also supplies federal Sarajevo – explains Elek.

He pointed out that it is the gas pipeline that goes from Šekovići to Kladanj, but also that they are planning together with the Government of the Republic of Srpska to build another 70 kilometres.

– From our resources, we are financing the construction of a large gas station in Šekovići, which will be the collection point from where the gasification of Šekovići, Vlasenica, Milići, Han Pijesak and the ski center „Ignjišta“ will start. We are also working on the gasification of Pale, East Novo Sarajevo, which is not included, and the Jahorina Olympic Centre – emphasized Elek.

Source: ba.ekapija.com