Company PASS will start production in Zvornik soon

The mayor of Zvornik, Zoran Stevanović, announced that a new investor will soon start production in Zvornik.

We expect production to start in the industrial zone by the end of the year with one new investor, which is a sign that we are attractive to foreign investors. Between Zvornik and Laktaši, this German company has chosen us for its production plants – Stevanović pointed out.

He explained that the German company PASS, which deals with the production of auto parts, bought the space of the former Famod Company in order to move its production from Poland, reports

The company bought the space for over 800,000 BAM, registered it and is working on preparing the plant to be functional. This company will employ 150 workers by the end of the year, and in the second phase, next year, another 150 workers. This is a sign that Zvornik is a promising city because the investors are coming here- said Stevanović.

He emphasized that PASS is engaged in the production of car parts for the whole world and that they have plants in Bijeljina where a large number of workers have already been employed.

Their plan is to start selling products from Zvornik to the world in September or by the end of October at the latest – the mayor of Zvornik announced.