Business association registration

Number of steps: 2
Number of procedures: 4
Number of days: 5

The registration cost in KM (the simplest form of organization):

  • notary 2h 4,095 KM + ID authentication 2h 2 KM + authentication of the entitled person’s signature 10 KM, 
  • stamp duty at the Intermediary Agency for IT and financial services (abbreviated APIF), stamp duty 35 KM, 
  • stamp duty for the announcement in the Official Gazette of the Republika Srpska, 7 KM per line x 6 lines = 42KM, 
  • stamp making 40 KM

Total: 139,19 KM + stamp duty of Indirect Taxation Authority (abbreviated UIO)/B-H 40 KM

To visit the following 4 institutions:

  1. notary, 
  2. municipal service office, 
  3. APIF desk, 
  4. stamp maker, 
  5. Indirect Taxation Authority, 
  6. distributor of fiscal devices, 
  7. Tax Administration of the Republika Srpska in order to register employees.

Procedure 1: Visit a notary / Founding Act certified by a notary

The authenticated copy of ID should be given to the notary and the name of the future business association should be discussed (the notary will check in the court register whether it is possible to use the name or not). The notary verifies the Foundation Act, i.e. authenticates signatures of the founders and authorized person. The authentication of a signature costs 7 notary points times 0.50 KM + VAT = 4.095 KM

Procedure 2: Authentication of personal documents and signatures

The authentication of ID/passport of the owner and authorized person (the authentication costs 2 KM per leaf), and the authentication of the future authorized person’s signature is 10 KM.

Procedure 3: 

Business association registration – one-stop shop at APIF

  • The notary /founder/authorized person submits a request for registration with all the documents required (the Foundation Act verified by the notary, asserted signature of the authorized person, authenticated copies of ID/passport of the owner and authorized person) – the first registration is free, 
  • The announcement in the Official Gazette of Republika Srpska costs 7 KM per line, 
  • APIF stamp duty is 35 KM.

The procedure period is 3 days provided that all the necessary documents have been submitted. At the same time, the registration process implies that the business entity has been registered by Tax Administration of Republika Srpska, i.e. it has been given a PIN and classified in accordance with its activity.

Procedure 3: Registration of a business association

The court decision and information on APIF classification are to be taken.

Procedure 4: Stamp making

An authorized stamp maker is to provide a seal, after he/she has been given a copy of the court decision and the original to inspect. The average price of the stamp is 40 KM, the procedure period is 1 day.

After these steps the business organization is obliged to perform the following acts:

VAT registration-Visit the Indirect Taxation Administration BiH for VAT registration.

The documents required:

  1. Application for registration (ZR1- form)
  2. Decision on registration in the court register
  3. Certificate of registration from the competent tax authority
  4. Identity card of the owner and responsible persons
  5. Work permit and registration of residence for foreign citizen
  6. Specimen signature card 
  7. Payment slips for the total amount of 40 KM ( on account JPT TREZOR BiH):
    10 KM- Payment details- The fee for application for registration
    10 KM- Payment details- The fee for issuing a decision on registration
    20 KM- Payment details- The fee for a certificate of registration


In order to start working, the business organization has to obtain a fiscal cash register, which costs around 1000 KM a year (assembling and maintenance included).

Business entity and its employees registration in the Tax Administration of Republika Srpska:

Visiting the Tax Administration in order to register the employees using the forms set.

Fulfilling conditions regarding technical equipment, safety at work and environmental protection improvement.

A business association can perform activities in the place which fulfills conditions regarding technical equipment, safety at work, environmental protection improvement, as well as other conditions that have been set out. The decision is made by the Ministry of Labour and Veterans, and it costs 10 KM.