Bratunac: 10.5 million BAM provided for the formation of a free zone

Yesterday in Bratunac, the Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, Vjekoslav Petričević, talked with the mayor of this municipality Srdjan Rankić and the president of the Municipal Assembly of Ljubovija in Serbia, Milan Jovanović, about the obligations to be fulfilled for creating conditions for forming a free business zone near the new bridge and border crossing Bratoljub on the Drina.

Petričević said that after the procedure, the line ministry will be actively involved in the implementation of projects, analysis of the justification of the study of the business zone and send the proposal to the governments of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, which will jointly participate in the construction of this zone, for which 10.5 million BAM have been provided.

– We also talked about the participation of the municipality of Bratunac in the manifestation of the Days of Srpska in Serbia from September 23 to 30. The topic will be business industrial zones in Podrinje with a special emphasis on the business zone in Bratunac, and the mayor will present the business conditions in this local community – Petričević explained.

He pointed out that businessmen interested in investing in the industrial zone and starting economic activities in the free business zone at the new border crossing between Bratunac and Ljubovija, ie the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, will also present their ideas.

Petričević expressed the expectation that a new border crossing and the Bratoljub bridge will be opened in the first half of September.

Rankić said that a number of economic entities from the Republic of Srpska, Serbia and European Union countries have already expressed interest in opening their economic capacities in that zone.

– The Municipality of Bratunac has completed its obligations and we expect that at one of the next sessions of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, a decision on declaring a space a free zone of general interest will be on the agenda, so that the expropriation of that land can be carried out, for which funds have been provided in the municipal budget – Rankić explained.

Rankić emphasized that good cooperation has been achieved with the municipality of Ljubovija and that they are working together on the development of this area with the aim of strengthening it economically and creating conditions for keeping for young people in this area, to be able to work and live here.

The President of the Municipal Assembly of Ljubovija, Milan Jovanović, expressed gratitude for the inclusion of this municipality in the activities related to the formation of a free business zone, emphasizing that its opening will contribute to the development and even greater connection of these municipalities, which lean on each other and cooperate in various fields for decades.