Bijeljina was the first in Repubic of Srpska which developed a brand strategy – The goal is to attract investors and tourists

Bijeljina is the first city in Srpska which developed a brand strategy that will be the basis for work on improving the recognizability of Bijeljina on the location market, it was pointed out at the presentation of the Strategy at the end of last week.

As an important part of the Strategy, new elements of the visual identity of Bijeljina were highlighted, which is necessary for the promotion of the city as an investment and tourist destination, and whose basis is a heart-shaped pigeon. The logo is based on a heraldic element in the coat of arms of the city and carries the same symbolism – the message of peace and gentleness of the inhabitants of Semberija, it was announced on the website of the City of Bijeljina.

The brand strategy of Bijeljina was developed by Modern Business School from Belgrade in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of the City of Bijeljina and the project team consisting of representatives of numerous institutions, companies and citizens’ associations. In the preparation of the Strategy, during 2019 and 2020, an extensive field research was conducted, which included almost 1,700 respondents – residents and visitors of Bijeljina, businessmen and the diaspora.

– Despite the current situation, life should not stop and we must continue the work we started, such as drafting this Strategy. If we want Bijeljina to really become the city of the future, we need to follow as many modern trends as possible. In Semberija, we have built an image of people who are hardworking and have a sense of business, but the competition in the environment is fierce and everyone is struggling to attract people and investment. I hope that, among other things, with the help of the development of this Strategy, we will more easily attract investors and tourists – said the mayor of Bijeljina Mićo Mićić.

Professor Aleksandar Dejanović from the Modern Business School praised the great contribution of the project team with which he collaborated on the complex business of branding a city.

– Branding the city is a complex business that requires systematicity and commitment. We have defined the main elements in which direction Bijeljina can build its brand and improve its position among the surrounding cities. We measured the strength of Bijeljina with seven cities with a diameter of 70 kilometers, and according to those indicators, Bijeljina is in the middle. There is a possibility for further progress and every contribution on that path is valuable, and especially a contribution like branding – said Professor Dejanovic