Bijeljina: Preparation for the production of parts for Tesla vehicles

In the German factory Pass, which operates in Semberija, they are in progress preparations for the production of parts for a world-famous brand Tesla vehicle, which should start this fall.

Rado Maletić, director of this factory, points out that they now have about 1,100 workers, with the fact that they will also need additional labor.

–  Of course we will need new workers. As far as earnings are concerned, net u averages approximately 1,300 BAM. But there is also a hot meal, retreat, annual leave in accordance with the law, as well as   expenses for those who request them- pointed out Maletić.

Slavica Marković, director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Bijeljina, points out that the company Pass, when it started working in their area, employed significantly fewer workers than did it today.

– The owner of the company Pass saw that the conditions in Republika Srpska and Bijeljina that they offer are good. They came at a good time, when there was free labor in the area of Bijeljina, but it was changed in the meantime, so they are constantly looking for workers, since they are increasing the number of employees – said Marković for Nezavisne newspaper.

The fact that they will make parts for Tesla, according to Marković, shows that it is a serious company, as well as the economic environment is good.