Belgrade: “Neoplanta” wants to open a plant in Bijeljina

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković, stated that the producer of dried meat products Neoplanta from Serbia is interested in investing in the area of Bijeljina, because of gas, and that its representatives have already visited some locations, and a concrete decision is expected.

– Today, they decided to build their capacity in the Republic of Srpska, but they have yet to decide on the capacity, quantity and number of workers. So, very soon we can expect the production of dried meat products from those capacities in the Republic of Srpska – stated Višković.

The Prime Minister of Srpska stated that on Wednesday, September 22, he had separate meetings with representatives of potential investors Neoplanta from Novi Sad, Naftna industrija Srbije, Zepter, Helveti hotels from Zurich, Energoprojekt, Ekonomik grupa and the American corporation Pontilux, who want to invest in Srpska.

Višković said that NIS wants to expand sales and retail capacities in the Republic of Srpska, and that they are in negotiations with the Optima Group to work together on the BiH market in the coming period.

He added that the Government of the Republic of Srpska has shares in Krajina Petrol and that it is possible to discuss the possible sale of those shares of the state, which will be considered in NIS.

When it comes to Zepter, Višković stated that they are in the phase of building a hotel in Banja Luka, and they already have one in Kozarska Dubica. Тhey talked about capacity building in Banja Gračanica, and they also inquired about the Trebinje airport, because they want to build some of their capacities there.

He said that the owners of the Helveti Hotel from Zurich are people from Lopare and they already have their capacities in that area, but the people from the diaspora they represent want to make even better connections with the Republic of Srpska and even bigger investments.

– The Diaspora wants to have one address in our institutions so that they do not “walk” from institution to institution. We understand that, and in the coming period I will even create a legal solution with my cabinet associates to create a contact point in the cabinet or the Government for cooperation with the diaspora – Višković pointed out and added that the diaspora, above all, wants to invest in their places of origin.

When it comes to Energoprojekt, a well-known pre-war company that deals with civil engineering and building construction, Višković stated that the company is interested in appearing as a contractor on joint projects of Srpska and Serbia on the Upper Drina, Buk Bijela, Foča and Paunci.

– They asked if there could be contractors on the dam itself. The Republic of Srpska has nothing against Energoprojekt getting that job in a fair market competition. I told them that they should have a conversation in Serbia as well, which they will do – Višković added.

He mentioned that the Economic Group from Belgrade signed a Memorandum with the mayor of Bratunac, Srđan Rankić, yesterday, September 22, since they want to build a new production capacity in the free zone in Bratunac, near the Bratoljub Bridge.

Višković reminded that this company already has plants in Srebrenica and employs 80 people. This new capacity would employ an additional number of 80 people.

– They are grateful to the Government of the Republic of Srpska for the attention so far. I expect that this company will start this activity of building a new capacity very soon – added Višković.

When it comes to the American corporation for the production of lighting Pontilux, which, says Višković, is interested in building a new factory in the Republic of Srpska, which has good connections with the Russian market, so they could place their products in both Russian and European market.

As he explained, this corporation has been engaged in the production of lighting for large capacities, such as mines, factories, city lighting, and now the “hit” lighting is based on saving electricity.