Banja Luka: City abolishes levies on merchants

The City of Banja Luka will abolish the reimbursement for the costs of arrangement for the construction of production facilities, as part of a plan to stimulate the development of manufacturing activities and attract investors.
Following the planned expansion of the Ramići Business Zone and the opening of the new Jelsingrad Zone, this is another direct measure aimed at enhancing investor interest in investing in Banja Luka.
The proposal for the decision will be met by the Mayor Igor Radojičić at the December session of the City Assembly.
The Head of the Department of Public Utilities, Petar Bilčar, points out that the preparation of this document is ongoing and that it is planned to amend the Decision on the Amount of Fees for the Urban Land Development Costs, which defines this area.
According to the regulations so far, these costs have been reduced by 50 percent for the manufacturing industries compared to the full price. Now, however, we are going to completely abolish this fee, first and foremost, to stimulate those who want to engage in manufacturing activities. Our goal is to attract investors who are engaged in manufacturing and to show them that Banja Luka is exactly the place where they need to invest and build their businesses – said Bilčar.
According to the proposal of this decision, entrepreneurs who perform production in residential and commercial buildings would also be exempt from this fee.
For the sake of clarification, they will be exempted from paying the fee only for the part of the facility where the production is located, ie where technological processes are clearly defined by the technical documentation – Bilčar said.
If such space is redeveloped, or if production is terminated, investors will then have to pay for the landscaping costs.

Source: City of Banja Luka