Arting-invest is arranging a future innovation center in Gradiška

The mayor of Gradiška, Zoran Adžić, and the director of the construction company Arting-invest, Zoran Kolundžija, signed a contract on Tuesday, June 22, on the reconstruction of the fourth floor of the “Red Building” in Gradiška.

Mayor Adžić said that the contract was signed within the Project “Development through digital innovative hubs in Gradiška, Daruvar, Lipik and Kotor” and added that the planned space will be prepared for young IT professionals.

-We want as many young people as possible to pass through this innovative center, to train them and make them independent for their further economic activities – said Adžić and added that this is a chance for the development of the city of Gradiška, but above all for young people to form their first economic entrepreneurial steps.

The project coordinator from the Department for Development and International Projects of the City Administration, Nemanja Davidović, pointed out that this is a project that is being implemented in three countries, BiH, Croatia and Montenegro, and that Gradiška is the leading partner, which is a great responsibility and experience.

– Other partners have their activities, and what they have in common is an online educational platform for education that will connect these three countries – Davidović pointed out.

The innovation center should be ready in two months, and the value of the works is 170,000 BAM.