About the Agency

Development Agency of the Republic of Srpska (RARS) was established in 2004 in accordance
with the Law on Encouraging the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Our
most important task is to support the establishment, growth and development of business

We are the initiator and implementer of the development policies of the Government of the
Republic of Srpska in support of the private sector, attracting and supporting the realization of
investment projects, as well as a place of contact and sustainable dialogue between the public
and private sectors.

We are a reliable partner to domestic and international institutions and the business
community in the implementation of development projects.We have the knowledge and
professional staff fully focused on the client. Our work is transparent and proactive. We are
available in real time and ready to provide the highest quality service.

Our goal is dynamic development of knowledge and innovation based economy and the
Republic of Srpska as the leading destination for private business development in Southeast