Prijedor: A new plant of the company “Edna metalworking” was opened

A new plant of the metal processing company Edna metalworking, which employs 26 workers, was opened in the Celpak Industrial Zone in Prijedor.

Edna metalworking technical director Milenko Kondić says that production was started in the Prijedor business incubator four years ago.

– We continued to work in the incubator in Veliki Palančište with three workers in production, and four years ago we came to our own production plant of 1,000 square meters – said Kondić.

Kondic says that the conditions in the incubator are favorable for businessmen and that this, together with the support of the local government, enabled the development of this company.

– We are currently employing 26 workers in production, and by the end of the year we expect the expansion of production facilities and we are currently working to establish the existing product, and to employ between five and ten more workers – he said.

Kondic added that this company would have hired even more workers if it were not for the corona virus epidemic.

– In the next few years, we should expand the production plant by an additional 600 square meters and employ another 10 or 15 workers – Kondic announces.