Vaucer sheme

Republic agency for the development of SMEs, together with 5  agencies for regional development from Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the project EU Support to Institutional Capacity Building for Regional and Local Economic and SME Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina „EURELSMED“, participated in the implementation of a voucher program for SMEs support.

The voucher program was implemented from January until September 2012.

This voucher system objective was to improve competitiveness and enable growth and development of enterprises through vouchers for easier access of SMEs to the consulting services and training.  Additionally, the voucher system represented a specific form of support for the development of consulting market in B&H.

Consulting services and training were given in specific areas as defined and identified through initial needs analysis of SMEs in B&H that was completed in the first stage of the project.

Within this voucher program, and in accordance with the available funds, the Agency implemented following activities:

  • Financing of the strategic analysis of SMEs performance for 23 business actors, in the total value of 12.320,00 BAM. In this stage of consultations, basic strengths and weaknesses of the SMEs were defined, in order to identify the necessary improvements that will be achieved in the second stage of the service provision – consulting tasks.
  • Co-financing of the consulting services for 16 business actors, in the total value of 32.200,00 BAM. Consulting services to the SMEs were provided by accredited consultants, who explicitly followed guidelines given in the Reports on strategic analysis of SMEs performance.
  • Co-financing of two two-day trainings for the SME owners and managers, in the total value of 4.600,00 BAM. These trainings were attended by 40 SME owners/managers who received certificates of attendance.