Enterprise Europe Network of RS

A Consortium with Republic Agency for SME Development as the Coordinator and members: Universities in Banja Luka and Istocno Sarajevo, Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce and Banja Luka Innovation Centre, in October 2014. became the equal member of the Enterprise Europe Network.

Enterprise Europe Network, as the largest European business support network, offers a set of instruments to support companies in the European Union and beyond. The objectives of the network are to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs, better access to information - easier access to markets and transnational economies, encouraging innovation and building innovative capacities.

Options offered by the network are numerous. It is, above all, the integration of services providing practical information and assistance to SMEs in order to facilitate finding business partners, establishing business cooperation, participation in tenders, easier access to information on the legal aspects and business regulations in the EU, obtaining information on support programmes, legislation and the results  related to innovation, the intermediary services in technology transfer and knowledge, obtaining information about the EU's Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development and raising awareness on the importance of innovation and technology transfer opportunities and strengthening competitiveness. Also, the network provides information on the possibilities of the EU market and participation in the creation of a wide European business network, as well as information on local research and technological development opportunities.

Enterprise Europe Network was established by the European Commission in 2008. in order to efficiently and effectively exploit the potential of enterprises in the single European market, especially innovative SMEs. It is made up of more than 600 partner organizations and institutions (associations, national agencies, scientific institutes, universities) that are engaging over 4,000 experts in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer, with the objective of promoting competitiveness and innovation at local and European level.

More information about the Enterprise Europe Network can be found at http://een.ec.europa.eu